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In almost all situations, this can be easily fixed. Modgician provides the facility to regenerate that broken part of Minecraft.

Follow the instructions below for the Profile Reset first, if Minecraft still won’t run your modded profiles then try the Full Mod Reset.

NOTE: Both of the procedures below will remove only mod related files in your Minecraft installation and will not touch your core Minecraft files or any of your saved worlds.


  • Your Minecraft was working before installing mods and doesn’t now after installing mods
  • You didn’t alter your Minecraft installation other than using Modgician

Profile Reset

(try this first)

  1. Determine the version of Minecraft that is broken. (this will most likely be whatever version of Minecraft you were using and modding)
  2. Open the Modgician program
  3. On the Version Management tab, In the ‘Select Minecraft Profile’ area, find the version in the list that is broken.
  4. Click the X to the right of the name
  5. A window will open asking you to confirm, click OK
  6. In the ‘Generate New Profile for Modding’ area, click Generate on the same version
  7. A window will open asking you to confirm, click Install
  8. The version will then appear in the ‘Select Minecraft Profile’ area, click the Select button to the left of it.
  9. Install the mods you want a couple at a time and test that Minecraft works every time you add a couple more. If it ends up crashing again, then let us know all the mods you installed up to that point so we can debug the problem.

Full Mod Reset

(if the Profile Reset doesn’t fix it, then do this)

  1. Perform steps 1-5 from the Profile Reset instructions above for every profile you have created in Modgician on the Version Management tab.
  2. Launch Minecraft
  3. Click on the ‘Installations’ tab
  4. Hover over any profile of Minecraft in the list
  5. Click on the 3 dots to the right of the profile, then click edit
  6. In the ‘Game Directory’ box, click on browse
  7. Expand the ‘.minecraft’ folder, then locate the ‘mods’ folder and delete it
  8. Close the window
  9. Close Minecraft
  10. Open Modgician
  11. Under the version management tab, generate your chosen version of Minecraft
  12. Then Select the Profile
  13. Install just a few mods and test to see if you can open that profile in Minecraft
  14. Then install a couple more mods and test again
  15. If at some point the game crashes, just uninstall the latest ones that you installed and let us know what they are so we can investigate our end and find the conflicting mods

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