Modgician Login Screen

Minecraft Profile Selection Screen

Allows you to easily create, delete and switch between versions of Minecraft for Modding

Main Mod Installer Screen

Lists all mods that are available for that version of Minecraft and shows the installation status of each one

Selecting Mods for Installation

Select the mods you want to install by ticking the box, then click the Install Selected Mods button

Installing Mods

Installing the Mods you’ve selected. Any dependency Mods will automatically be installed for you

Mod Update Notifications

When a Mod developer releases an update, we immediately update our system which then allows you to quickly and easily update the Mod in your system

Backup & Restore

Allows you to make complete backups or just backup specific areas of your Minecraft installation. You can also restore your backups with just a couple clicks

Support Tab

If you have any problems at all with the Modgician Mod Installer or with your Minecraft installation, use this tab to ask for help.

We respond quickly, whatever the problem.