Get your stack of cash (you’ve earned it)

Mod developers of the World unite … you work hard for everyone else’s enjoyment and we, at Modgician, would like to say thanks.

In fact we’d like to show our thanks with cold, hard cash.

For every member subscription Modgician receives we will contribute 40% of the income to the Mod community.

How can you access it ?

Simply go to the Mod Funding Details page, register with Modgician and submit your mods onto our access program for members to install and we’ll share the income with you. Every time someone installs your mod with our mod installer, we will credit your account.

Are you a mod developer?

Get more information on how you can get a piece of the mod funding action.

Mod Developers

Mod Funding rate

The rate at which mod funding pays varies from month to month based on sales figures and total number of mods installed.

Sep 2023: 612.86 cents per install
Aug 2023: 85.46 cents per install
Jul 2023: 143.51 cents per install
Jun 2023: 39.34 cents per install
May 2023: 799.70 cents per install
April 2023: 32.83 cents per install

Full history of monthly payment rates