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Mod reposting, policies and Modgician in the Minecraft community

The following information aims to inform Minecraft mod developers on what Modgician is and our policies on mod reposting and other commonly asked questions.

What is Modgician

  • Modgician is strictly a Minecraft mod installer (not a mod pack launcher or any other type of launcher)
  • It has a server/client model with the local software connecting  to our database to retrieve all latest mod download and installation information
  • Each mod listed in Modgician can be assigned one of two installation processes:
    • Three step process
      • download (link provided to user)
      • import (after downloading, user must import the mod into local Modgician repository which validates the file)
      • install (select the mods tick box and click the install button)
    • One step process
      • install (select the mods tick box and click the install button – mod is auto downloaded and imported prior to installation)
  • Download links for mods (either automatic or manual) are individually assigned
  • Installation process for each mod is individually assigned according to its unique installation requirements
  • Dependency mods are assigned in the back end and installed as needed without the user needing to select the dependency mod for installation
  • Conflicting mods are also recorded in the back end and will warn user before installing mods that conflict and may cause Minecraft to crash
  • When switching between Minecraft version profiles, Modgician will remove any mods from one version that may stop another version from launching successfully and will re-instate the first versions mods if the user switches back
  • A mod can be un-installed by clicking the Uninstall button that appears after a mod is installed
  • When an update is available for an installed mod, the status indicator for a mod changes to ‘Update Available’ so the user can choose to update the mod if they wish
  • Basic backup and restore facilities are also included

Our policy on adding mods into Modgician

  • All mods have been added at the request of Modgician users
  • Mod research is performed on each mod before it is added to Modgician to determine:
    • The mod author does not explicitly disallow third parties to list their mod under any circumstances (we find most mod authors allow third party listings provided only their download links are used and/or they point back to the mod authors page)
    • The mod is regularly updated and is no more than three versions behind the latest release of Minecraft (in special circumstances we may add a mod regardless of how up to date it is)
    • Reliable information and download links are provided for the mod
    • The mod works as described
  • Mods are only assigned the one click install process if the mod author has either openly allowed permission or given us explicit approval for direct download of the mod (bypassing or other revenue generating download links)

Our policy on Mod Reposting

There are many websites in existence that list Minecraft mods and provide download links for them. Many of these sites have advertising on them and also make claims that they have download links for versions of the mod which don’t actually exist. Some of these sites use the original mod authors download links while other attempt to make money off of their own download links or channel the user through their own revenue generating links to the mod authors revenue generating links, thus providing a frustrating and confusing experience for the user.

We fully acknowledge that without mod developers, Modgician would not exist. We therefore aim to engage in activities which support and encourage mod developers, rather than deceiving mod users and stealing from mod developers.

Modgician has respect for mod developers and aims to always work within their stated terms and conditions. As a blanket rule, we always give due credit for all mods that we list on our site and only ever provide download links that the mod developer has generated or explicitly allowed us to generate. All of these links are constantly monitored to ensure their integrity.

We respect mod developers requests to channel all downloading of their mod through the links on their minecraftforum (or other) page. This way, you get the benefit of (and other) clicks and users can be sure they are getting the latest authentic version of the mod. Within the Modgician program, when a user selects a mod to install that they haven’t already downloaded, they are directed to the mod developers nominated link to download the mod, then they return to the Modgician program for easy installation of the mod.

Who our mod installer is aimed at

The reason why Modgician began is because when first started trying to install mods (back in the 1.7.3 BETA version days) we found it an incredibly frustrating and confusing experience. So our core aim, as far as users are concerned, is to provide a solution to install Minecraft mods with a simple interface and no confusion.

The software is intelligent and fast, installing most mods in a matter of a few seconds without any confusing elements for the user. Because of this, our mod installer is useful for both the tech savvy user who wants to save time as well as the non-tech savvy user who has no idea what to do and/or is scared of breaking their Minecraft installation.

We find that the majority of people who purchase Modgician fall into the non-tech savvy category. Most of them are able to start installing mods straight away and we often receive emails thanking us for producing our software. Other users still have trouble getting going, even with the simplistic nature of Modgician, so we go to any length required (even doing a TeamViewer session to show them on their computer what to do) to ensure that they get value for money and gain the confidence to install mods. To date we have been able to successfully help every user who has lodged a support request with us.

Why do we charge for Modgician

We want our users to have a reliable experience with Modgician and for their mod installing frustration to end once they start using our software. To achieve this we need to ensure ongoing provision of our service and ongoing development of our software. Without revenue we cannot guarantee the we can continue to provide the service.

Most mod developers code their mods without the expectation that they will receive financial remuneration for their work. This is noble and an awesome contribution to the Minecraft community. Many mods get developed with inspiration of the mod developer being the driving force behind it. But when that inspiration dies, quite often so does the mod. And the mod users are the ones who then miss out. We’ve seen so many comments from mod developers apologising to their users because they can no longer afford to put in the time required to keep their mod updated. So, as part of our revenue model, we have set aside a percentage to give back to mod developers to encourage them to continue with their work.

Other general policies

  • We do not allow third party advertising on our website or in our software
  • We avoid advertising for our users where ever possible. Our aim is to provide a clean, easy and reliable experience for Minecraft players to install mods without distraction or potential exposure to unwanted ads or malware often encountered on download sites
  • We do not bundle mods into mod packs

Questions and comments

Please comment down below if you have any questions or would like more clarification on any of the items above. You must be logged in to comment. Open registration will be available soon. If you do not wish to register but would like to ask a question about our policies, please send an email to info [at] modgician [dot] com

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