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Common Questions and Problems

How To Use Modgician
Instructions with screenshots

A quick and easy to follow guide which shows the step by step process of installing Minecraft Mods with Modgician

see instructions

How to Use ModgicianVideo

A video which walks you through everything you need to know to install mods successfully with Modgician

watch video

I Haven't Received My Password

What to do if you’ve signed up for a Modgician Membership and you haven’t received your welcome email with your password yet

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Having Trouble Downloading Mods

Modgician requires the use of your default internet browser to download some mods, but the settings need to be correct

how to check browser settings

Be Careful of the Ads!

Some mod developers make money off of showing ads when you download their mod. Be careful where you click!

how to be safe when downloading

Apple Mac - common problems

If you are having trouble launching the Modgician application on a Mac, follow these instructions

running Modgician on a Mac

Installing Mods Broke Minecraft

Sometimes installing too many mods can break your Minecraft installation, but with these instructions it’s pretty easy to fix

how to fix

Modgician Application Support

For all help related to using the Modgician Mod Installer Application

GET HELP via Mod Installer
Please use the Support tab in the application to as for help, ensuring you give us as much detail as possible about the problem you are experiencing.
Modgician Support Tab
GET HELP via Website
If you are unable to access the Support tab in the application for any reason, then use the Support section on the members home page.
Modgician Members Area Support Tab
How We Provide Support

Our support is predominantly provided via email, however, when required we also communicate via Skype chat and/or TeamViewer. In the future we will also be providing online Instant Chat support for members.

Support Hours

Support is provided 7 days / week between the hours of 8am – 6pm Adelaide, South Australian time. Click here to show the current time in Adelaide

Response Times

For members, we normally respond within 1 – 4 hours. For general enquiries, we may take up to 24 hours.

General Support

For all other questions and issues.

If you have a problem using the website or just have a general question, please click on the envelope icon sitting in the bottom right-hand side of this browser window and send us a message. We normally respond within an hour, provided it is within our support hours as stated above.
General Contact Icon – Modgician

Current Issues

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