27 May 2020


  • Updated compatibility with high resolution screens

Big Fixes

  • Fix issue with Minecraft launch button not working


2 September 2015


  • updated application to communication with servers via SSL


27 October 2014


  • Reworked the Modgician communication engine and protocols to greatly increase the speed of mod installation and mod list updating


27 June 2014

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that stopped some mods which get installed with the library method from installing properly


  • Upgraded to work with new Modgician membership system
  • 1-click install functionality has been implemented, mods will be rolled over into this new mod installation system as each mod developer extends permission to us to do so


31 May 2014

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that stopped mods containing more than 1004 files from being setup in the system for installation when using the library calling method


  • We now have the ability to tell the system when two mods conflict within the game so that it warns the user of the confliction and gives them the option of proceeding or not.
  • Mod installations now get counted and reported so that mod developers can get their fair share of the revenue allocation to them based on the number of times their mod has been installed by Modgician users
  • Message area has been implemented at the top of the mod list so we can notify users in the Modgician application of any relevant information or updates


19 March 2014

Bug Fixes

  • Launch Minecraft now works on Mac
  • After importing a mod, the list of mods stays at the current mod instead of returning to the top of the list


  • If connection to database fails, there are now 2 additional transport agents which will be attempted. This should address any issues with some anti-virus programs blocking the outgoing connection to our mod database
  • If you import a mod that doesn’t match any of the mods in our system, a dialog box will now pop up to advise it is an incorrect mod
  • When deleting a version profile in modgician, it will now delete any installed mods for that version


23 February 2014

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with modding version of Minecraft 1.7.4 not launching correctly on Macs


10 January 2014

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with transport agent not connecting to database in isolated cases


31 December 2013

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed compression issue when installing Forge


16 December 2013

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with mod update notification system


13 December 2013


  • Conversion to Java
  • Now supported on Windows, Mac & Linux
  • Version profile management screen integrated into main application allowing user to switch profiles for modding without closing thre program
  • Profiles can now be deleted from within the program
  • Mods can now be uninstalled, regardless of installation type
  • Mods now stored in version sub-folders


27 October 2013


  • Modified profile generation process to add JVM arguments to profile instructing launcher to ignore any customisations in the profile
  • Where a mod is designed to be installed in the .jar file but will cause conflict, it can now be added as a library and called in the .json file during profile launch – this also works for several Forge dependent mods that cause problems if installed in the standard mods folder
  • Mods that must be installed in the generic Forge ‘mods’ folder in order to work will now be removed, to avoid crashes, if launching a different version of Minecraft – the mods will then be automatically re-installed when launching the version that those mods are designed for (note – this occurs when launching the version profile in Modgician, not Minecraft)
  • Preparation for functionality to allows users to remove (uninstall) mods
  • Updated version numbering to industry standard (note – because of this when opening Modgician v1.17 you will not be prompted to update, you must go to the website to download the new versioin from the members page)


27 July 2013


  • Display software release version number on main page
  • Display notification to user when an upgrade to a mod is available
  • Option to add custom description when creating a backup
  • Remove mod confliction warnings in cases where Modgician has the intelligence to install conflicting mods in an order which avoids the confliction

Bug Fixes

  • Better handling of file checking when mods are upgraded


24 December 2012

Initial Public Release