How we work with Mod Developers

At Modgician we acknowledge and respect the fact that without mod developers Minecraft just wouldn’t be as good.

We also realise that Modgician itself could not exist without you guys making mods (and mainly at your own expense). That’s why we have created our mod developer support program – a payment program that rewards you for your work. Of course you can’t sell your mods as that would contravene Minecraft’s Ts and Cs but you can be rewarded for your efforts.

Here’s how it works …

    1. Register as a mod developer below
    2. We’ll contact you to confirm your details
    3. You’ll start receiving donations from us each month

It’s that simple – register, submit and then we will credit your account every time someone installs one of your mods with Modgician.

The Relationship

Minecraft is an ongoing, developing game with new versions being frequently released. So, any modifications to the game need to be tested with every new Minecraft release, as well as being tested for compatibility with other mods.

This means that we, (Modgician) need to keep on top of the changes, find the problems and communicate quickly with you, the developers to get them fixed.

Let’s face it, if a mod doesn’t work for a user, they will go and find one that does. So the first and most important thing about this relationship is to have reliable and friendly communication with a focus on getting the job done.

We offer you …

Full use of the Modgician program at no charge

Unlimited access to use the Modgician program for your personal gaming or for mod development. You can install your mod quickly and simply to test it as you develop, try it with other mods, or whatever you need to do. Using the Modgician program will save you time when installing mods.

Mod Funding

Modgician is sold to members as a subscription service. With every membership we contribute 40% of the revenue to you, our registered mod developers. We calculate the number of installs your mods achieve each month and then credit your account with a percentage of the full monthly income which is shared amongst all registered developers.

Currently, the rate is at least 30 times more than

We ask from you …

Downloading Rights

We respect mod developer requests to channel all downloading of their mod through the links on their mod-forum (or other) page. This way, you get the benefit of (and other) clicks and users can be sure they are getting the latest authentic version of the mod.

Within the Modgician program, when a user selects a mod to install that they haven’t already downloaded, they are directed to the mod developers nominated link, then they return to the Modgician program for easy installation of the mod.

When joining Modgician as a mod developer we ask that you allow us to make it possible for users to download your mod directly from within the Modgician program, which uses a direct link to the hosted location of your mod. This enables the one-click install process to be applied to your mod and thus be easy for players to install with Modgician.

Rate per mod install

Modgician records the number of times your mod gets installed every month with our program. This entitles you to a share of the revenue earned from Modgician sales for the same month.

Mod Developers

Mod Funding rate

The rate at which mod funding pays varies from month to month based on sales figures and total number of mods installed.

Sep 2023: 612.86 cents per install
Aug 2023: 85.46 cents per install
Jul 2023: 143.51 cents per install
Jun 2023: 39.34 cents per install
May 2023: 799.70 cents per install
April 2023: 32.83 cents per install

Full history of monthly payment rates

Pay rate and details

Download Location:

Direct link to mod

Installation Process:

One-click install


We share revenue with you monthly according to this calculation:

a = number of times your mod has been installed
b = total number of installs for all mods
c = total revenue from Modgician sales
X = donation made to you

a ÷ b x c x 0.4 = X

Mod Developer Registration

Please fill out the details below to register as a mod developer for our mod funding program and we'll be in touch with you. Thanks for your interest,

  • please indicate if you are not the original author for a mod but are now the current developer