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When you use Modgician, for some of the mods you will be downloading the mod file from the mod developers original download links. We do this to help support them financially as they make money off of the ads displayed on their download page (please note that Modgician does NOT make any money from these ads).

The majority of the download links will take you to an ‘’ (pronounced “ad-fly”) page which will have ads on it for all sorts of products. In the top right of the window there will be a countdown that counts from 5 to 1, then changes to a button that says “Skip Ad” – this is what you will need to click on to download the Mod.

Here is an example of what it will look like…


  1. As someone who was clicking around trying to sort out the hows to install a mod, I did click on the adfly link which came up with some really inappropriate content for kids eyes, who were watching, waiting patiently for their mod to be installed on their computer….

    • Thanks Louise, yes unfortunately some of the mod developers use file download systems that take no regard for explicit content, despite the large amount of kids who play Minecraft. If you have any concerns about any particular mod download links, please send an email to advising us which mod it was and well see if there’s anything we can do about it.

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