Morph (Shape Shifter)

Shape Shift into any mob you want just by killing them. Switch back and forth between them as much as you want.

Inventory Tweaks

Manage your inventory with single clicks like auto organising and auto replacement of broken tools and items stacks

Weeping Angels Mod

Prepare to jump right into the world of doctor who where you will be stalked by the mysterious weeping angels!

Local Weather & Storms

Realistic weather systems with particle based clouds and rain that are affected by wind, temperature and biomes


Generates an awesome natural soundscape based on your surroundings like birds chirping, wind and lava rumbling

Mo’ Chickens

Why bother mining? Get your chickens to lay Golden Eggs! ... and Diamond Eggs, even Coal, Cookies & Glowstone ...


Create your own monsters with the undead body parts of mobs you've slain

Tinkers Construct

This mod brings a whole new level of building into Minecraft

Custom NPCs

This massive RPG mod adds in items and NPCs so that you can play, create or share stories through Minecraft!


Don't work too hard in the coal mines... that's what minions are for!

Dragon Mounts

Who says The Ender Dragon has to be mean? Raise and ride your own flying dragon!

Dynamic Lights

Makes lights behave the way they should, illuminating everything around them

Computer Craft

Adds in game computers that allows you to code, play games and even manage your real computers files


Use string to create rope. Ropes can be used to climb walls and much more! Also includes a grappling hook.

iChun Util

A core mod required by some of iChun’s mods

Little Blocks

Build tiny structures with little blocks!

Slime Void Lib

A core mod used for Slime Void mods

Animal Bikes

Allows you to ride on animals by the right click of a button.

Trail Mix

Eat it and you get Super Punch, Super Speed, Fireballs and more. Feed it to pigs and they fart so much they fly!

World And Generation Tweaks

Makes your mountains taller and deserts flatter, increases natural food spawning as well as a few other bonuses


Attacks any mobs within 6 blocks with your current item


Gives you a pop-up box when you mouse over an enchantment showing you what you’ll get if you click it


Very clever mod that automatically changes to the best tool from your hotbar depending on what your mining or attacking


Required for all mods created by Thebombzen

Wireless Redstone

With this awsome mod, you can use fancy blocks that transmit and recieve redstone signals

Industrial Craft 2

Gives you more blocks and tools to create more advanced structures and processes including electric energy - (very cool!)

Equivalent Exchange

Create high end materials out of base materials, as well as very cool craft-able dark matter based items and tools