Custom NPCs

This massive RPG mod adds in items and NPCs so that you can play, create or share stories through Minecraft!


Adds new naturally spawning ore blocks, including iron/coal, gold/iron, diamond/gold, hybrid redstone, and hybrid glowstone

Damage Indicators

Allows you to view monster health in better detail, including effects and health

Computer Craft

Adds in game computers that allows you to code, play games and even manage your real computers files


Automate your tree farming and spend more time building!

Multi Page Chest

Adds more pages of storage to craft-able chests

Lanterns Mod

Light your path with a handy Lantern! Lanterns consume fuel and behave the way you always wanted them to.

3D Items

Customize the appearance of items and make things look the way you want them to!


Full inventory is no longer a problem with this stylish backpack mod.

Balkons Weapon Mod

Have you ever wanted more to fight with? Hack away at your friends with this medieval Combat weapons mod.

Animal Bikes

Allows you to ride on animals by the right click of a button.


A GUI recipe book of everything you can craft on a crafting table.


New worlds that you generate will consist of huge spheres inside glass domes all connected together by wooden bridges.

Sign Tags

Use signs to display info like time, location, light, temperature and more by typing commands into signs


Allows you to control water or lava flow through a floodgate. Can also be used as a trapdoor.

World And Generation Tweaks

Makes your mountains taller and deserts flatter, increases natural food spawning as well as a few other bonuses


Attacks any mobs within 6 blocks with your current item


Gives you a pop-up box when you mouse over an enchantment showing you what you’ll get if you click it


Very clever mod that automatically changes to the best tool from your hotbar depending on what your mining or attacking


Required for all mods created by Thebombzen

Smart Moving

Enables heaps of alternative ways of moving around including climbing, jumping, sneaking and heaps more

Rei’s Minimap

Gives you a map that helps you find your way around your Minecraft world

Car Mod

Adds usable transport to the game which require no tracks

Wireless Redstone

With this awsome mod, you can use fancy blocks that transmit and recieve redstone signals

Elemental Arrows

Allows you to shoot Explosive, Fire, Ice or Egg arrows

Render Player API

Allows client mods access to certain classes while minimizing conflicts

Clay Soldiers

Become a god and create your own armies to battle each other.


Test your defences by initiating a mob attack on your desired location

Industrial Craft 2

Gives you more blocks and tools to create more advanced structures and processes including electric energy - (very cool!)


Allows for the building of more advanced, engineering style objects, buildings and machines.

Single Player Commands

Gives you a huge list of commands that you can enter to perform tasks quicker and easier as well as ones that make you a bit of a god playing in the sand.


Provides many more rail based tools and items than basic Minecraft

Portal Gun

Gives the ability to craft and use the gun from the ‘Portal’ games in Minecraft


Allows certain mods that have cross-over functionality to work together without crashing the game.


A core mod that has no specific playing function, but other mods rely on it to work


Creates trains and carriages in which the player can ride, also includes a zeppelin!


A core mod which allows third party mods access to the main player class


A mod which helps to modify or create widgets, settings and menus in Minecraft

Custom Mob Spawner

Allows mobs to be spawned in a similar way prior to Minecraft Beta 1.8


Extends the ability of Minecraft to play additional formats of audio files

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