Traincraft – Minecraft Mod


(formerly Trains and Zeppelin)
Creates trains and carriages in which the player can ride, also includes a zeppelin!

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Creators Description

Traincraft is a minecraft mod that adds more than 80 trains, wagons, and other moving vehicles to the game.

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Train Craft is available to install with Modgician’s Minecraft Mod Installer for the following versions


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  • mordacai

    something happened with the mo creatures, and I was wondering if you could do something about it.

  • mordacai

    it said it crashed and then closed

  • MGTacticalGaming

    can’t finf the stuff in my too many items

    • modman

      Hi MGTacticalGaming

      My apologies… I missed this post when it came in.

      The Trains items should be scattered throughout the TMI list. For me, the rails appear on page 2, the detectors appear on page 3, the trains appear on page 6.

      Do you not see any of them there at all?

  • bluediamond823

    i cant create the control block for the zeplin, how do you do it?

    • modman

      Do you mean this…
      -Press ‘R’ to open the Zeppelin’s gui once you are in it

  • oberstnick

    I have installed all the proper core folders and mods for my 1.2.5 game. Trains and Zeppelins appears all there but I can not fuel the engines. Boarding and pushing the “r” key does nothing on any engine. The track laying machine works with the right mouse key when standing behind it. Your videos have been great and made sense to install mod and such, thanks.

    • modman

      Glad the videos are helping. Thanks for the feedback.
      So can you confirm that you are right-clicking on the locomotive to board it, then when you press ‘R’ you don’t see the GUI?

      • oberstnick

        Yes I can get onto all the locomotives, but nothing happens when you push the “r” key.

        • oberstnick

          Still no luck fueling engines to run. Have built myself and pulled from not enough items list.

      • oberstnick

        Have had no luck with finding any information to fix the problem hope you can help.


  • Diglett1337

    Hi. For some reason I can’t interact with the crafts properly in game I can see and get in the trains, but cannot open their inventory. What am I doing wrong?

  • aviatordeace

    Does anyone know how to actually use the zepplin and fly it? Is there a video anyone knows of? I tried creating the control box from the crafting table, 3 cobblestones in the middle row, 3 wood planks in the bottom row and it does not create anything. I have everything in too many items so I know I installed it correctly but I just basically need directions on building and flying. Thank you

  • theguy6

    i installed everything, but it still doesn’t work

    • modman

      Assuming you are still running MC 1.2.5, what other mods do you have installed? Also, do you have Too Many Items installed?

  • modman

    UPDATED TO v4.2.0_004 FOR MINECRAFT 1.6.4

  • modman

    UPDATED TO v4.2.1_011 FOR MINECRAFT 1.6.4

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