Trading Mod

Makes mobs drop coins and allows you to buy and sell items for those coins.

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Creators Description
This mod allows you to buy and sell your things for coins!
Mod Home Page

Not known, please comment down below if you are aware of one. Thanks.

Minecraft Forum Page


Minecraft Mod Installer

Trading Mod is available to install with Modgician’s Minecraft Mod Installer for the following versions


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  • freadyteady

    Hi its freadyteady i just wanted to say that the link for 1.2.5 is slow so u need to fix it and its not my pc

    • modman

      Hi, we’ve checked the link from 2 pc’s here and also from another location and it’s working great for us. Can anyone else who uses the link please advise if they have trouble with it?

  • freadyteady

    again complaint dosnt work!!!

  • Roflcopter_98

    Best Intruction ever!

  • McDying

    After I installed trade mod my minecraft crashes… help plz!

    Ps: I tried to make a clean version with only modloader and tradinging mod

    • modman

      Our apologies!! Somehow we missed the fact that PlayerAPI is also needed for Trading Mod to work. A link is now listed in the Dependencies section above to take you to the PlayerAPI page.
      Let us know if this fixes your problem.

  • blindbird17


  • modman

    Click on the link above that goes to the mods forum page. The instructions for the mod are on there, as well as some videos which should help you.

  • OctoNerd

    Um… For some reason your iFrame buttons don’t work for me. I’ve clicked the Download&Installation button several times and it still doesn’t open, not for any of these. It should work on Google Chrome since it works for everyone else who uses Google Chrome yet mine intends to be mean :—-D Help please?

    • modman

      That’s weird. We use Chrome & Firefox here with no problems. Not sure, I’ve had browsers go weird on me in the past and have ended up re-installing them to fix the problem. Maybe try Firefox?

  • szymon_xD

    Szkoda tylko że trzeba sprzedawać od razu całych stagów

    Jeśli ktoś zna strone gdzie jest wersja z tym mógłby ją podać prosze

    A wogule mod suppppppper

    • modman

      I translated your polish into english to try to understand it, but it didn’t make sense.

  • guyinblue

    I’ve been having so much trouble installing this Mod i really want it.I install everything needed for it to work but i still keep getting the black screen.Yes, i did delete the META-INF folder.Can anyone help me out?

    • modman

      Does your Minecraft work if you take the mod out of the /.minecraft/mods/ folder?

      • guyinblue

        Hey again, i got it to work but i used MC Patcher and now i get a black screen am i sopposed to patch before i install all the mods or after?

      • guyinblue

        Patched before i installed it and it worked.Seems to conflict with OptiFine_1.2.5_HD_S_C3 tried using that to increase FPS but got a black screen…other than that works :)

        • NeonApocalypse

          When i got to the download link trend micro blocked it so I continued anyway. Got a popup of some bloody dating site with a live chat to some chick who “wanted to be treated like a whore” (and other stuff) -_-

          • modman

            Yeah, that’s a bit of a problem sometimes with these download site. With trading Mod it’s hosted on mediafire and the download link should appear as a big green button with the word “Download” on it, just above that it should say “Trading”

  • Izual Zephyr

    If people don’t know how to shop, I watched a video and you need to craft a minecraft catalogue first:
    left column-3 leather
    center column-3 paper
    right column-leather on top and bottom, iron ingot in middle.
    right click with catalogue in hand and ur in the shop now, I saw it on a youtube mod review.

  • Izual Zephyr

    For some reason monsters never drop coins, NEVER.

    I was checking which mod this one conflicts with, because after a few re-installs, this one caused minecraft to crash.

    I also got a new mod, growable ores, and when I put in the bacteria mod, minecraft crashed, so I don’t know if it’s the trading mod, or the growable ores mod, that’s conflicting with bacteria.

    I don’t really care much, this mod isn’t so good in my opinion.

  • CreepyPaster

    Hey, i can’t craft the catalogue D:

    I read the instruction, installed Player Api, put Trading Mod on the mods folder, but i can’t craft the catalogue!

    I have MCPatcher

    Does some of this mod don’t work with the mod ._.?

    • modman

      What actually happens? Where do you get stuck?

  • jbaker96

    The installation video is titled “Equivalent Exchange Installation Video”

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