Morph (Shape Shifter)

Shape Shift into any mob you want just by killing them. Switch back and forth between them as much as you want.

Advanced Genetics

Gain the abilities and powers of almost any mob by getting their DNA!

Sophisticated Wolves

Adds in unique wolves that have more capabilities than regular wolves

Elemental Creepers

Adds different and more powerful creepers into your game


Everything from girlfriends to corn dogs, ultimate swords and butterflies, this mod has everything!

Weeping Angels Mod

Prepare to jump right into the world of doctor who where you will be stalked by the mysterious weeping angels!


Adds all sorts of realistic land, water and flying dinosaurs that fill your world with life from a prehistoric age

Minecraft Comes Alive

Now you can get married and have children, watch them grow and even send them to work!

Derpy Squid

A crazy combination of armor, tools, portal and even a squid gun all made with the help of ink sacks.


Explore Jurassic Park and all its pre-historic residents. Ride around the safari park in a Jeep and check out all the enclosures.

Emerald Mod

Lots of tools, weapons, mobs and food, all made out of emerald

Herobrine Mod

Get ready to pee your pants! He will hunt you down leaving a trail of destruction


Blokkits are great pets and workers, each one has different features like protecting and crafting


Combines Pokemon and Minecraft, adds in your favourite pokemon with their own textures and modified moves

Better Breeding

Breed different levels of better quality pigs, cows, wolves, sheep and chickens so you can get more and better animal products

Doggy Talents

Play fetch, teach your dog tricks and lots more...

Mo’ Chickens

Why bother mining? Get your chickens to lay Golden Eggs! ... and Diamond Eggs, even Coal, Cookies & Glowstone ...

Bacteria Mod

Create and release genetically modified bacteria to spread throughout your Minecraft world


Create your own monsters with the undead body parts of mobs you've slain

Custom NPCs

This massive RPG mod adds in items and NPCs so that you can play, create or share stories through Minecraft!


Don't work too hard in the coal mines... that's what minions are for!

Lava Monsters

Oh no! Lava monsters! This mod adds monsters that spawn out of lava.

Special Mobs

Add more variety to your monster encounters such as the doom creeper!

Utility Mobs

Defend your base with special crafted golems and turrets

Angry Creatures

Discover even more mobs and creatures with this awesome mod!


Bring Godzilla, the nuclear weapon of beasts, into your world!

Dragon Mounts

Who says The Ender Dragon has to be mean? Raise and ride your own flying dragon!

Chicken Shed

Chickens lose their feathers with this mod giving those lazy chickens a good use!

Animal Bikes

Allows you to ride on animals by the right click of a button.

Trail Mix

Eat it and you get Super Punch, Super Speed, Fireballs and more. Feed it to pigs and they fart so much they fly!

Clay Soldiers

Become a god and create your own armies to battle each other.


Test your defences by initiating a mob attack on your desired location

Trading Mod

Makes creatures drop coins and allows you to buy and sell items for those coins.

Mo’ Creatures

Adds lots of diverse extra creatures into your Minecraft world