The Lord of the Rings Mod

Adventure through Middle Earth and meet all your favorite characters from Lord of the Rings!


A mini library that allows easier animation of entities

Super Mario Mod

Make your own Super Mario course including warp tunnels, special blocks and even the classic sound effects

More Tools

Late at night with no resources? Now you can create any tool out of any block, like a carrot hoe or a glass axe!

Morph (Shape Shifter)

Shape Shift into any mob you want just by killing them. Switch back and forth between them as much as you want.

Inventory Tweaks

Manage your inventory with single clicks like auto organising and auto replacement of broken tools and items stacks


Adds playable instruments to minecraft so you can start a band or even an orchestra

Shaders Mod

Improves shadows, lighting and textures as well as giving dynamic movement to plants and water

Sophisticated Wolves

Adds in unique wolves that have more capabilities than regular wolves

Elemental Creepers

Adds different and more powerful creepers into your game

Better Foliage

Gives a more natural shape and look to trees, grass and foliage

Weeping Angels Mod

Prepare to jump right into the world of doctor who where you will be stalked by the mysterious weeping angels!


A core mod required for some of the mods created by WildBamaBoy

Minecraft Comes Alive

Now you can get married and have children, watch them grow and even send them to work!

Local Weather & Storms

Realistic weather systems with particle based clouds and rain that are affected by wind, temperature and biomes

Tree Capitator

Chop down a whole tree with one blow of an axe!

MC Helicopter Mod

This is the mod that finally adds transportation by air with awsome choppers and fighter jets!


Core mod needed for other mods by bspkrs to work


Can't find any ores? This mod makes it easier to discover ores by showing the scent of the beautiful rocks!

Emerald Mod

Lots of tools, weapons, mobs and food, all made out of emerald

MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod

Gives you the privilege to build furniture and devices like computers and even printers!

Herobrine Mod

Get ready to pee your pants! He will hunt you down leaving a trail of destruction

Too Much TNT

Many different types of TNT, some really strong, some that spawn houses and some really useful for clearing and building

Galacticraft Planets

Adds in additional planets to the Galacticraft mod

Biomes O’ Plenty

Gives you a better Minecraft world to explore including stalactites, coral, honeycomb and bamboo thatching

Security Craft

Secure your house and possessions with keypads, security beams, trapdoors, scanners, land mines and more

Secret Rooms

Build rooms with blocks that have special functions, like camoflage, so you can hide and protect all your valuables

Joypad / Split Screen

Allows you to use your USB Joypad controller instead of the keyboard and mouse, or join your friends in with a split screen


Combines Pokemon and Minecraft, adds in your favourite pokemon with their own textures and modified moves

OptiFine Ultra

Optimizes Minecraft graphics so that it looks better and runs faster (Multi-Core CPU support)

Micdoodle Core

A core mod required by Galacticraft


Build yourself a spaceship and explore the universe, land on new planets or hang out with your friends in the local space station

Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2

Battle axes, daggers, spears, chainmail and shields - everything you need for a medievil battle

Doggy Talents

Play fetch, teach your dog tricks and lots more...

Mo’ Chickens

Why bother mining? Get your chickens to lay Golden Eggs! ... and Diamond Eggs, even Coal, Cookies & Glowstone ...

Bacteria Mod

Create and release genetically modified bacteria to spread throughout your Minecraft world


Create your own monsters with the undead body parts of mobs you've slain

Not Enough Items

Gives you unlimited items and recipes in an easy to use category system to help you find exactly what you need

Code Chicken Core

A core mod required for all of chicken_bones Mods

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