A mini library that allows easier animation of entities

Super Mario Mod

Make your own Super Mario course including warp tunnels, special blocks and even the classic sound effects

Hunger Games Mod

Play the Hunger Games in a singleplayer world against NPC's with throwing knives, spears and lots more


Adds all sorts of realistic land, water and flying dinosaurs that fill your world with life from a prehistoric age

MC Helicopter Mod

This is the mod that finally adds transportation by air with awsome choppers and fighter jets!


Can't find any ores? This mod makes it easier to discover ores by showing the scent of the beautiful rocks!


Explore Jurassic Park and all its pre-historic residents. Ride around the safari park in a Jeep and check out all the enclosures.

MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod

Gives you the privilege to build furniture and devices like computers and even printers!

Herobrine Mod

Get ready to pee your pants! He will hunt you down leaving a trail of destruction

Too Much TNT

Many different types of TNT, some really strong, some that spawn houses and some really useful for clearing and building

Galacticraft Planets

Adds in additional planets to the Galacticraft mod

Security Craft

Secure your house and possessions with keypads, security beams, trapdoors, scanners, land mines and more

ID Fix

A mod that helps to resolve ID conflicts for mods that have conflicting block ID's

Aether II

Collaborate with friends and explore a dungeon or travel to a new dimension with floating islands and even flying pigs

OptiFine Ultra

Optimizes Minecraft graphics so that it looks better and runs faster (Multi-Core CPU support)

OptiFine Light

Optimizes Minecraft graphics so that it looks better and runs faster (better FPS only - for slower computers)


Generates an awesome natural soundscape based on your surroundings like birds chirping, wind and lava rumbling

Micdoodle Core

A core mod required by Galacticraft


Build yourself a spaceship and explore the universe, land on new planets or hang out with your friends in the local space station

Better Breeding

Breed different levels of better quality pigs, cows, wolves, sheep and chickens so you can get more and better animal products

Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2

Battle axes, daggers, spears, chainmail and shields - everything you need for a medievil battle

Doggy Talents

Play fetch, teach your dog tricks and lots more...

Bacteria Mod

Create and release genetically modified bacteria to spread throughout your Minecraft world


Create your own monsters with the undead body parts of mobs you've slain

Not Enough Items

Gives you unlimited items and recipes in an easy to use category system to help you find exactly what you need

Code Chicken Core

A core mod required for all of chicken_bones Mods

Harvest Craft

Grow a better garden, cook better food! This mod adds a whole new garden Harvestmoon type feel to Minecraft

Gravity Gun

Adds the Gravity Gun from Half Life 2 Use it to pick up almost anything and throw it.

Dimensional Doors

This mod is extremely fun with your own little pocket dimensions and worlds!

Tinkers Construct

This mod brings a whole new level of building into Minecraft


If you ever get bored of ordinary mining in minecraft, then this is the mod for you. Come and discover these new ores!

Custom NPCs

This massive RPG mod adds in items and NPCs so that you can play, create or share stories through Minecraft!

Fallout Mod

Calling all Fallout fans! Turn your Minecraft experience apocalyptic with this awesome mod


Don't work too hard in the coal mines... that's what minions are for!


Create even more detailed constructions with the new blocks this mod adds to Minecraft.

Lava Monsters

Oh no! Lava monsters! This mod adds monsters that spawn out of lava.

Special Mobs

Add more variety to your monster encounters such as the doom creeper!

Dart Craft

Discover new tools and weapons by mining the almighty power ore!

Colorful Armor

Customize chain, iron, and diamond armor with this mod.

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