Don't work too hard in the coal mines... that's what minions are for!

Colorful Armor

Customize chain, iron, and diamond armor with this mod.

Dynamic Lights

Makes lights behave the way they should, illuminating everything around them


Use string to create rope. Ropes can be used to climb walls and much more! Also includes a grappling hook.

Animal Bikes

Allows you to ride on animals by the right click of a button.


New worlds that you generate will consist of huge spheres inside glass domes all connected together by wooden bridges.


Allows you to control water or lava flow through a floodgate. Can also be used as a trapdoor.

Elemental Arrows

Allows you to shoot Explosive, Fire, Ice or Egg arrows

Render Player API

Allows client mods access to certain classes while minimizing conflicts


Allows certain mods that have cross-over functionality to work together without crashing the game.

Too Many Items

Gives you unlimited resources.