Super Mario Mod

Make your own Super Mario course including warp tunnels, special blocks and even the classic sound effects

Better Breeding

Breed different levels of better quality pigs, cows, wolves, sheep and chickens so you can get more and better animal products

Doggy Talents

Play fetch, teach your dog tricks and lots more...

Dimensional Doors

This mod is extremely fun with your own little pocket dimensions and worlds!

Tinkers Construct

This mod brings a whole new level of building into Minecraft


If you ever get bored of ordinary mining in minecraft, then this is the mod for you. Come and discover these new ores!

Mysterious Foods

Tired of starving to death and eating stale minecraft food? Now you can eat many nutritious foods including budder ice-cream!

Custom NPCs

This massive RPG mod adds in items and NPCs so that you can play, create or share stories through Minecraft!

Fallout Mod

Calling all Fallout fans! Turn your Minecraft experience apocalyptic with this awesome mod


Don't work too hard in the coal mines... that's what minions are for!


Adds new naturally spawning ore blocks, including iron/coal, gold/iron, diamond/gold, hybrid redstone, and hybrid glowstone


Create even more detailed constructions with the new blocks this mod adds to Minecraft.

Lava Monsters

Oh no! Lava monsters! This mod adds monsters that spawn out of lava.

Special Mobs

Add more variety to your monster encounters such as the doom creeper!

Utility Mobs

Defend your base with special crafted golems and turrets


This mod is all about crafting very expensive, yet very useful wands that can help you in most situations

Angry Creatures

Discover even more mobs and creatures with this awesome mod!

Dart Craft

Discover new tools and weapons by mining the almighty power ore!

Colorful Armor

Customize chain, iron, and diamond armor with this mod.


Bring Godzilla, the nuclear weapon of beasts, into your world!

Dragon Mounts

Who says The Ender Dragon has to be mean? Raise and ride your own flying dragon!

Dynamic Lights

Makes lights behave the way they should, illuminating everything around them

Damage Indicators

Allows you to view monster health in better detail, including effects and health

Superheroes Unlimited

Fly, Glide and Sprint your way around minecraft as these famous heroes!

Computer Craft

Adds in game computers that allows you to code, play games and even manage your real computers files


Automate your tree farming and spend more time building!

Multi Page Chest

Adds more pages of storage to craft-able chests

Chest Transporter

The new tool can pick up chests without the mess of cleaning up all those items! Move your house with ease with this mod.


Use string to create rope. Ropes can be used to climb walls and much more! Also includes a grappling hook.

iChun Util

A core mod required by some of iChun’s mods

Assassin Craft

Turn your player into a certified assassin complete with Hookblades, Cannons, Smoke Bombs and much more!

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