Mark waypoints and instantly transport yourself to them so you never get lost

The Lord of the Rings Mod

Adventure through Middle Earth and meet all your favorite characters from Lord of the Rings!

Dragon Block C

Brings the Dragon Ball Z look and style into Minecraft including katana's and lots more

Super Mario Mod

Make your own Super Mario course including warp tunnels, special blocks and even the classic sound effects

Hunger Games Mod

Play the Hunger Games in a singleplayer world against NPC's with throwing knives, spears and lots more

Shaders Mod

Improves shadows, lighting and textures as well as giving dynamic movement to plants and water


Everything from girlfriends to corn dogs, ultimate swords and butterflies, this mod has everything!

Better Foliage

Gives a more natural shape and look to trees, grass and foliage

Local Weather & Storms

Realistic weather systems with particle based clouds and rain that are affected by wind, temperature and biomes

Galacticraft Planets

Adds in additional planets to the Galacticraft mod

Biomes O’ Plenty

Gives you a better Minecraft world to explore including stalactites, coral, honeycomb and bamboo thatching


Turns your Minecraft world into a tropical paradise complete with palm trees, turtles and buried treasure

Aether II

Collaborate with friends and explore a dungeon or travel to a new dimension with floating islands and even flying pigs


Generates an awesome natural soundscape based on your surroundings like birds chirping, wind and lava rumbling


Build yourself a spaceship and explore the universe, land on new planets or hang out with your friends in the local space station

Dimensional Doors

This mod is extremely fun with your own little pocket dimensions and worlds!

Twilight Forest

Turns your Minecraft world into a realm of dense forests with a magical feel

3D Items

Customize the appearance of items and make things look the way you want them to!


New worlds that you generate will consist of huge spheres inside glass domes all connected together by wooden bridges.

World And Generation Tweaks

Makes your mountains taller and deserts flatter, increases natural food spawning as well as a few other bonuses


There's high jumps, aliens, sonic screwdrivers, cheese portals, insta-tents, space suits and of course the moon.

Portal Gun

Gives the ability to craft and use the gun from the ‘Portal’ games in Minecraft