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Lanterns Mod

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Light your path with a handy Lantern! Lanterns consume fuel and behave the way you always wanted them to.




Creators Description:

Ever wanted a form of lighting which you could hold (or wear)?This mod adds lanterns which can be carried and will emit light around the player when switched on. The light will be seen by other players on SMP.The lantern require fuel to run, which can be made from animal fat or fermented sugar.If carrying the lantern around becomes tiresome, why not craft it into a head-torch, which will emit light around the player when worn on the head and switched on (default key is F). The head-torch will change its texture to indicate to other players whether it is on or off.Also included is a handy way of storing your lanterns – the lantern hook.The lanterns mod is heavily inspired by VIII’s Lanterns mod, but rewritten for Forge and SMP.

Mod Home Page:

Not known, please comment down below if you are aware of one. Thanks.


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