Mine & Blade: Battlegear

New weapons and armour system for the battle hardened mine-crafter.

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Creators Description

Nerd-boy’s Battlegear implements an entirely new weapon system to minecraft.

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Not known, please comment down below if you are aware of one. Thanks.

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  • blindbird17

    It didn’t work for me could you make a video?

    • modman

      Yeah sure, we should have a vid up next week, if you subscribe to the channel you’ll get notified when it’s up.
      What happens when you try to run Minecraft?
      Have you installed the dependency mods?
      Did you already have Forge installed?

      • blindbird17

        Minecraft Crashes.
        I know I have all the other mods on correctly because I tried it without battlegear and it worked fine.

  • El_Tomato

    After I followed all these steps, and run minecraft, it crashed.
    I use ModLoader and do I need minecraft Forge?

    • modman

      You only need Forge for painting shields, knight’s armour and banners.
      What happened when it crashed? Did it show the Mojang screen for a bit longer than normal then show the error?

  • Gymmp

    well mine crashed and it said this:java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The class ‘MaBPlayerHooks’ can not be registered with the id ‘Mine & Blade’ because the class ‘MaBPlayerHooks’ has allready been registered with the same id

  • modman

    Does Minecraft work OK if you remove the mod from the /mods/ folder?
    Also, have you installed Forge? Not saying you have to, just curious?

  • sebbaker

    ive downloaded everything but when i press r
    it just doesnt do anything

    • modman

      I think ‘R’ is to sheath your weapon. Check the forum page for exact instructions…
      Do you have the new icons in your inventory? Just to confirm it is installed.

    • sebbaker

      yer and in tmi
      it says
      “Weapons can be switched between sheathed and drawn by pressing the ‘R’ Key”

  • Erubadron

    I tried installing Mine ‘n battle, I had Modloader, Player API and Forge. When I logged in and created a new world my client crashed. When I tried installing it again without Forge it worked!!!

    • modman

      Interesting. Did you delete your MC installation before re-installing?

      • Erubadron

        No, I had a normal minecraft Jar backed up so I used that to install the mod.

  • dcte

    i did everything it said and when i tried to log in the screen stayed black after briefly showing the mojang logo.
    and yes i did already have forge installed.

    • modman

      Check the troubleshooting tab on the Forge page, not sure if the problem is with Forge, Battlegear or a weird confliction with some other mod, but make sure Forge is solid first.

  • biggyjuice

    i try to log on to minecraft and the mojang screen flashes for about a second then the screen goes black please help i did everything you told me

  • kbp100

    when i try to log onto a world the screen just goes black

    • modman

      Would suggest trying a fresh install of Minecraft then test that minecraft works after installing each of the dependency mods, try to figure out which one is causing the problem.

  • trom25

    well when i go into a world in my minecraft, it works for like 2 seconds, then it freezes, and then the screen goes black. i downloaded forge before renderplayer api cause the minecraft forum page said.

    • modman

      yes, it’s fine to install renderplayerapi after forge, our testing confirms that works fine.
      Couple questions:
      1. Do you have any other mods installed ?
      2. What operating system are you running?

  • greenbeen2

    i have a mac and i can’t find my application support can u make a vid for my probs thx :]

    • modman

      Sorry bud, we don’t currently support Macs, we will in the future but not yet.

  • finnthehuman78

    Mine is it shows mojang bit longer then crash what should i do?

    • modman

      Did you install the depencendy mods, testing that Minecraft works after each one?
      What other mods do you have installed?

  • xLazlo17

    Do you need ModLoader for this to work? Or does Forge already come with that?

    • modman

      No you don’t need ModLoader. Yes Forge has that functionality.

  • kyle19_minecraft

    Too bad they don’t have the Mine & Blade Mod for minecraft 1.3.2 because I got an update for my minecraft and it’s now 1.3.2 .And the Mine & Blade Mod is like the best mod ever in the whole world!

  • kyle19_minecraft

    Hi i’m annoying,could you please make the Mine & Blade Mod run for minecraft 1.3.2,or tell me how to change my minecraft if that is even true so can you please make the mod for minecraft 1.3.2 man i’m a chatterbox.

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