Creates independent workers to gather and trade resources for the player.

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  • puga29

    I really like this website i can finally install mods!

    • DEACAY101

      same! its aweseome, but it would be better with a few more mods. but you dont get any rubbish mods either

      • modman

        We’re getting there…
        Been working on an automatic installation application which is going into beta testing now. Keep an eye on the website for updates. As soon as it’s released we’ll be adding several mods each week.

  • xxLE6ITKILLAxx

    Love this site love this mod I LOVE MODGICIAN I will tell all my minecraft friends about this.

    • modman

      cool to hear it’s helped you. cheers.

  • milkorder

    This fkn rocks.

  • earthmonkey9

    great mod

  • Drakexplosive

    ok sorry but i need some help i installed as yo usaid and the game starts but how i get them?

    • modman

      Just click on the mods Forum Page link above and there are two good vids there that will explain how to use the mod.

  • Drakexplosive

    Thanks so much! 🙂

  • whiteguardian1

    when i clicked the forge mod on the minecraft menu it said metadata not found and when i go onto minecraft survival world i couldnt find any slaves/mice workers please help me

  • whiteguardian1

    maybe it didnt work because i made a new world… i dont know its just annoying i havnt had one ‘mod’ that worked so far maybe i should redo EVERYTHING (again) this is annoying ive sent ages trying to mod have windows 7 home premium if this helps (doubt it)

  • whiteguardian1

    YES it works now, thanks!

  • tucisss

    i’ts cool mod for my minecraft thanks so much

  • larront

    isnt letting me left click on the block for tools. Help?

    • modman

      The problem might be that you are in creative mode… need to be in Survival mode before you can left-click on the block.

  • Izual Zephyr

    I understand why it doesn’t work on creative, but does anyone know why it doesn’t work on superflat worlds? If there’s anything about superflat that would conflict with this it’s probably that the needed resources are pretty much impossible to find, or that the floor only has 3 layers before it hits bedrock (making the miner ineffective [not to mention that ores and things never generate in superflat]), but I don’t see why any coding or such would cause a conflict.

    I haven’t even installed this mod yet, I need modloader and I posted a reply about an issue I have there, if anyone can help.

    • modman

      @Izual Zephyr
      If you check the Mice Workers forum page, there is a NOTE there saying that it doesn’t work on Creative or Superflat worlds. Unfortunately. there isn’t an explanation why.

  • kyle19_minecraft

    I updated something and now I have minecraft 1.3.1 and I can only install TOOMANYITEMS.

    • modman

      Bummer man, you must have hit the update button after login screen. Not much you can do unless you have a backup of your 1.2.5 minecraft?

  • kyle19_minecraft

    Ihave been haveing troble I think I spelled that wrong but anyways I have been having troble installing mods now that it’s hard I have to stay and watch tobuscus and toby games

  • mbish1993

    Hey I thought I would just leave a comment saying this mod doesn’t work with the Invasion mod. It doesnt cause it to crash or anything but when you cant craft the mice workers.

    • modman

      Thanks very much! We’ll update the conflictions section up above.

  • larront

    Hey, I’ve just received a free Minecraft Giftcode!
    You can get one too!

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  • Scoots

    Hey, any idea why my mice worker blocks are purple?

    • modman

      @ Scoots
      Not sure, probably a question to chuck on the Mice Workers forum page?

  • JaysenBechtel

    Crashes when I have buildcraft AND (RAILCRAFT OR TRAIN MOD). It works with buildcraft, works with railcraft and/or train mod. But when they are all installed, it crashes — regardless of which order they were installed (seemingly).

    • modman

      Hey, which version are you running? I just tested this on a clean install of 1.2.5 and all 4 worked fine together.

  • JaysenBechtel

    It was a clean 1.2.5 install

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