How To Use Modgician

A step by step procedure on how to install Minecraft Mods with Modgician

Step 1 – Prepare Minecraft for modding

Not all mods are available for all versions of Minecraft. So, depending on which mods you want to use, you’ll need to create different profiles in Minecraft to run the different versions.

For example; the latest version that the Computer Craft mod is available for is Minecraft 1.8.9, so you’d need to set up a profile in Minecraft for version 1.8.9.

When you first install and run Minecraft, it automatically creates a default profile for the latest version of Minecraft. So, after you work out which mods you want to install, you’ll need to create the profiles in Minecraft to run those versions.

Minecraft version picker

> Figure out which version you need to create

All mods available for installation by Modgician are listed on our site. Use our mod search page to find the mods you want to use.

On each individual mod page is a list of all the versions that the mod is available for.

example …

Computer Craft mod available Minecraft versions

> Create the version profiles in Minecraft

Then come back to these instructions to continue.

Step 2 – Login to Modgician

  • Launch the Modgician program by double clicking the Modgician desktop shortcut.
  • Use the same username and password when you create an account on the Modgician website.
Modgician Login Screen

Step 3 – Generate a profile for modding

The first time you open the program to mod a Minecraft profile, you’ll need to generate a copy of your Minecraft profiles for modding.

  • Click the Generate button next to the Minecraft version that you want to mod.
Generate Minecraft Profile for Modding

(if the version of Minecraft that you want isn’t listed, go back to step 1 to learn how to create a profile for the version that you want to mod)

Step 4 – Select the version of Minecraft you want to mod

  • Click the Select button next to the version of Minecraft that you want to mod.
Select Minecraft Version for Modding

This will trigger the program to access all the Mod data on our servers for that version of Minecraft.

Step 5 – Use the filter to find the mods you want

To make it easier to find the Mods you want, use either the Category Filter or the Text Search filter.

  • Click on any of the Category Filters to filter the mod list to that category. You can select multiple categories if you like.


  • Click in the Text Search field and start typing the name of the mod you want to find.
Filter Minecraft mods in Modgician

To remove the Category Filter, just unlick the category that you have turned on.

To remove the Text Search filter, just delete the text you have typed in.

Step 6 – Import the Mods you want

To make it easier to find the Mods you want, use either the Category Filter or the Text Search filter.

  • Click the Download/Import button next to the Mods that you want to install.
  • Follow the instructions on the window that pops up to download the Mod and import it into Modgician.

(this step only has to be done once per mod per version – after the Mod is imported into the system, it will be there for next time)

Step 7 – Select and Install Mods

  • Tick the ‘Select for installation’ box for all the Mods you want to install.
  • Click the ‘Install Selected mods’ button.
Select Mods for Installation

If the Mods require any dependencies (like Forge or Player API), Modgician knows what to do and will automatically take care of this for you. If any dependency Mods need to be imported, Modgician will ask you to import them first.

  • Click the ‘Install’ button.
Confirm Mod Installation

Wait while Modgician goes to work installing the Mods according to the pre-tested set of rules we have set-up for each of the Mods you’ve selected.

Installing Selected Mods

Step 8 – Launch Minecraft & Play

  • Click the Launch Minecraft button.
Launch Minecraft

Minecraft will launch and the version profile that you have just modded will be pre-selected in the list of available profiles to launch.

  • Click the Play button.
Click the Play button in Minecraft

Your modded version profile will now launch.

Minecraft with mods successfully installed

IMPORTANT: We recommend to create a separate world for each version profile that you create.

For example, one world for 1.7.10, another world for 1.12.2, etc.

Opening a world with different version profiles may corrupt and break your world. However, going back to Modgician and adding more mods or taking mods out should not break your world. Regardless, we recommend to use the Backup tab in Modgician to take regular backups of your worlds.

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