Clay Soldiers

become a god and create your own armies to battle each other.

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SanAndreasP, SilverChiren

Creators Description
What if you could create your own miniature army out of clay and stage the most epic battles imaginable in a space small enough to be your backyard?…… you’ll see just what kind of violent mayhem you can cause with just a few simple materials plucked right from the ground.
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Not known, please comment down below if you are aware of one. Thanks.

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  • ben10cool8

    This happens for all of my mods:

    • ben10cool8

      I download and add the mod to minecraft as it says in the directions, but they never work. I have modloader and forge! I have the cracked version of Minecraft, so that might be the problem, but it works for other people with cracked. I really hope you can help me!!!!

      • uuummm01

        Well, from what I know, the cracked version has a lot of differences than paid. It’s either that, or you should just get a new minecraft.jar file and reinstall everything. Sorry that it’s not working on your end and I hope you can fix it soon!

    • uuummm01

      1.4.4 came out already and i need help on download/install so please get 1.4.4 or maybe even 1.4.5!

  • modman

    yeah I’m not sure about the cracked versions, have never used them. Would highly recommend to fork out the cash for minecraft, it’s worth it.
    Also, with Forge, it needs to be installed on a Fresh copy of Minecraft 1.2.5, if you’re installing on an upgraded version then this can cause it to crash.

  • camo0oz

    This should be under creatures
    Just a suggestion

  • Izual Zephyr

    Was wondering, could the soldiers be specifically commanded? like can you give orders to the king which will then pass them on to everyone else? and do they only attack each other?
    I really don’t want to clutter my computer with unnecessary stuff, so I only want to get things that I know I will use for a while.

  • Izual Zephyr

    Just found out right now, the soldiers don’t take usable items, such as sticks, from chests on superflat worlds for some weird reason.

  • jontekvaj10

    i don’t get it what is the freking point whit this mod mineraft a Surviving game and this mode is just boring and weard!!

    • craverkel

      @jontekvaj Well excuse me for Interrupting but without MODS Minecraft would be boring like a game where in it was easily destroyed! I have been looking mods now so I can make my pouting face…D: to UPSIDE DOWN 😀

    • Darkktana101

      well maybe you’re just boring and weird 😛

  • Darkktana101

    when I tried to down load it (and I followed the directions) when i logged into minecraft I couldn’t make anything from the clay soldiers mod. I also downloaded modloader and forge. PLEASE HELP ME! D:

  • modman

    ADDED v2.0.0b FOR MINECRAFT 1.7.10

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