Chicken Shed

Chicken Shed - Minecraft modChickens lose their feathers with this mod giving those lazy chickens a good use!

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This is a simple two-class mod that makes it so that chickens will shed a feather now and then. It also makes it so that upon death, they are guaranteed to drop at least one feather. Lastly, baby chickens will now also drop a single feather upon death
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Download Chicken Shed
Make sure the version of the mod you download matches the version of Minecraft you are using

Make sure you have installed the dependency mod Forge and that Minecraft works.


Installation Instructions for Chicken Shed
on New Minecraft Launcher

We recommend the use of the Modgician Mod Installer for this Mod.

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on Old Minecraft Launcher version 1.5.2 and earlier
for Chicken Shed on Minecraft 1.5.2 and earlier on Old Launcher

Make sure you are not running Minecraft when installing this mod.

Make sure you have installed the dependency mod Forge and that Minecraft works.

This tutorial assumes you have followed all instructions in the Toolkit section of this website

  • Open the location of the downloaded file
  • Right-click on “[1.4.7] ChickenShed” → click Copy


  • Close the download location window
  • On the desktop, double-click on your “.minecraft – shortcut
  • Double-click on “mods
  • Right-click in an empty spot in the window → click Paste


  • Close the .minecraft\mods\ window
  • Run your Minecraft program → Login → choose Singleplayer → open a world and check that it works ok.


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