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Too Many Items - Minecraft ModGives you unlimited resources

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Create and delete items in-game, including mod items. Save and load entire inventories. Create unlimited stacks and tools. Test mods, create huge survival worlds, and more.

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Not known, please comment down below if you are aware of one. Thanks.

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Standard GPL restrictions apply

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No known dependencies

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No known conflicts, please comment down below if you experience any.

Download Too Many Items
Make sure the version of the mod you download matches the version of Minecraft you are using

Download Too Many Items Minecraft Mod

Installation Instructions for Too Many Items
on New Minecraft Launcher

We recommend the use of the Modgician Mod Installer for this Mod.

Our Installer is clean, fast and simple. No complex processes, no annoying conflicts.

Click here to become a member (from as little as $1.05 per month)

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on Old Minecraft Launcher version 1.5.2 and earlier
for Too Many Items on Minecraft 1.5.2 and earlier on Old Launcher

Make sure you are not running Minecraft when installing this mod.

This tutorial assumes you have followed all instructions in the Toolkit section of this website

  • On the desktop, double-click on the Mod Downloads folder to open it
  • Double-click on the folder with the version number you are running
  • Right-click on the downloaded file “” > click on 7-Zip > click on Open archive
  • After the archive opens in 7-Zip, move the archive window to the right-hand side of your screen
  • Back on your desktop, double-click on the ‘.minecraft – shortcut’
  • Double-click on the bin folder
  • Right-click on ‘minecraft.jar’ > click on 7-Zip > click on Open archive
  • After the archive opens in 7-Zip, move the archive window to the left-hand side of your screen
  • You should now be able to see both archive windows side by side
  • In the window on the right, click and drag to select all files
  • Drag the files to the archive window on the left

  • Close the TooManyItems archive window on the right
  • In the Minecraft.jar archive that is still open on the left, look for a yellow folder called “META-INF”
  • It may not exist, but if it does you need to delete it, so click on it > press Delete on your keyboard > click OK

  • Close the minecraft.jar archive window
  • Run your Minecraft program > Login > choose Singleplayer > open a world and check that it works ok.

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  • mordacai

    Does it install the mod automaticaly?

    • chantelle


    • rorymc2

      does it work on mac

      • modman

        Yes it should. It’s best to use a 3rd party acrhive program rather than the native one.
        Of course the location of minecraft.jar is different… can’t help you there.

  • mordacai

    or do i have to do all that tiring stuff

    • modman

      Hi mordacai,
      Yes unfortunately you do have to follow the process. I agree it’s a pain in the bum, but when you follow our steps properly, you’re pretty sure of having it working at the end. Nothing worse than installing a bunch of mods and minecraft crashing and needing to reinstall and start over.

  • mordacai

    hello again and this time i did all the stuff and tried to download mo, creatures mod but every time i opened minecraft up it said it crashed and then closed.

  • mordacai

    do you know any way i can help?

  • mordacai

    Oh and i did too many items and that was successful so thanks!

  • altzkilaz

    great fucking job..

  • xxLE6ITKILLAxx

    All these mods work if you do them right.

  • tanman12346

    i did all of these steps and nothing works!!!! its so frusterating

    • modman

      When you say nothing works, does minecraft fun ok? Can you open a worl? Do you just not see the TMI list when you press E?

  • tanman12346

    every time i go into minecraft the mods don’t show up or do anything i don’t have “To many items” i have no items at all instead if that’s what it was going for. AHHHHHHRRRRGGGG i need help 😛

  • brandito

    I need help ive installed this mod before but i had to reset my minecraft now when i re-download it my minecraft either gets stuck on the done loading sign or the black screen i have done this many times all help will be appreciated

  • brandito

    Nevermind fixed it when i reset the meta-inf file was still there

  • Mr_Gman1

    Hello! I’m new to this site, and i installed everything properly (the game doesn’t crash at all). But what i do realize is that none of the mods are functioning. I just installed EE2, IC2, and TMI, but none of them show up. Any ideas?

    • Mr_Gman1

      actually, i think i may have fixed it. i’ll post on the details

      • modman

        Great thanks. Yes please let us know what fixed it.

        • Mr_Gman1

          I must of not erased all old minecraft data, so it wasn’t fresh as the warning suggests. After i tinkered with it afterward, i got 10 new mods installed. thank you.

  • samurottleader8538

    Read this if you have MC 1.2.5. Force Update only at first launch or it will erase all data in .minecraft folder including mods. For example, Installed TMI 1.2.5 into minecraft.jar + Force Update on Minecraft = No Mods Minecraft.

  • 17edmundsel1

    hey guys

    I was wondering if the creators could give more choices for the 1.3 mods

    • modman

      We’re working on it. Just focussing on testing our mod installation software which is going out for Beta release. Will then get back to adding more 1.3.1 mods to the list.

  • evstormer

    never worked

    • modman

      What happened? Did it crash? What version are you running? Can you give more info so we can help?

  • sirdadrose

    Have a set of core mods all functioning – Modloader, Modloader MP and Forge – all latest versions for 1.3.2, but when I add TMI it crashes. Running on Mac. Putting in TMI on a clean install with no core mods works.

    Also have a problem with Shapeshifter mod – freezes at ‘done downloading’ just like as if you had forgotten to delete meta-inf, but meta-inf definitely not there any more….? Does this whether installed on a clean version of minesraft, or over the top of the core mods…

    Any ideas?

    • modman

      What archiving program are you using? If just the native Mac one, then that is most likely the problem. Not sure what is available, but you’ll need to download a third party archiving program for Mac. The native one doesn’t have merge compressed folders very well, it tends to overwrite instead of merge.

      • sirdadrose

        Thanks modman. Its an excellent good resource you’ve put together here. I’ve certainly picked up some tips.

        Re: utilities, I use unarchiver most of the time, but from time to time I use the native one, as I don’t have unarchiver on all my machines. I hadn’t actually noticed and problem with the native one, come to think of it.

        I’ve gone with Forge and a TMI install as my “clean” base mod version, which seems to be the best setup. The Modloader, MLMP, Forge combo for 1.2.5 was one of my first and more complicated mod experiences getting the SDK gun mod to work. With 1.3.2 and Forge, its simplified it quite a bit. Thanks for the other post confirming ML / MLMP is no longer needed for the ‘core mod’ setup.

        I don’t think it was covered in the tutorials exactly what mods to put in as the core mods, but the concept is excellent. A clean version with Forge and TMI is a good set-up. Its then just a case for each new mod of knowing whether to drop the files in the .jar, or drop the whole .zip in the mods folder created by Forge.

        I still can’t get Shapeshifter to work, but the new version of Mo Creatures for 1.3.2 was released a couple of days ago and the three mods for that that installed in less than 5 minutes and worked perfect out of the box from my base modded version of minecraft with Forge and TMI.

        Keep up the good work!

  • minecraftlover18

    when can i get it

    • modman

      sorry bud, we’re moving to a new system of updating the links, I’ll get TMI pushed to the front of the list
      check back in about 12 hours from now and the 1.5.2 link should be there

  • Patricb

    1.5.2 download link is now listed. 😀

  • modman


  • modman


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