Single Player Commands

Gives you a huge list of commands that you can enter to perform tasks quicker and easier as well as ones that make you a bit of a god playing in the sand.

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Creators Description

Find the section on the Forum Page called The Spotlight. simo_415 puts up pics & vids to represent what Single Player Commands is all about

Mod Home Page

Not known, please comment down below if you are aware of one. Thanks.

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Single Player Commands is available to install with Modgician’s Minecraft Mod Installer for the following versions


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  • ZJF149

    i enter this in corectly as its shown but mc wolt let me play in singal player

  • epicmcfarmer

    Are you sure those instructions are correct? I heard that the worldedit.jar was supposed to go into the bin folder and not the minecraft.jar.

  • modman

    I think that used to be the case, but yes, the instructions above are correct and have been tested successfully on 3 different computers here.

  • Izual Zephyr

    a file called vq.class is the only file that conflicts with playerAPI, I think. Where is this patch?

  • firedogy

    this mod doesn’t work at all, when you install it via the auto installer you cant enter any of your worlds… tried deleting my folder & everything, nothing made it work -__-

    • modman

      Which version of Minecraft are you running?

  • Portal543

    Modman, I am not complaining because I tried this mod and it worked. I am wondering why the sounds won’t work for SPC (single player commands). Please help me because I like sounding the blocks break and the water and Lava sounds. please help

    • modman

      My humble apologies for not seeing this post!!
      Have just tried to replicate it here but have sound. If you still need help, please let me know what version of Minecraft you are running and what other mods you have installed.
      Again, sorry for the disgustingly late reply!

  • uuummm01

    Where do I download the patch? I can’t find any links on my laptop. Is it inside of the download or something? Please help! I need WorldEdit!

  • wrockies

    umm ok so i installed it… but world edit wont work, how do i get world edit (i tried putting in the world edit file and it did not work) PLEASE HELP!

  • wrockies

    Please i really wanna know soon i dont get to play much and for once i am 🙁 but it wont work :O

  • modman

    Did youchange the values in the worldedit file? Check the forum page for a list of commands. If it’s not working for you, perhaps comment on the forum page and ask for help.

  • usfbull1

    please get the split screen mod next it looks super awesome

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