Mark waypoints and instantly transport yourself to them so you never get lost

MC Helicopter Mod

This is the mod that finally adds transportation by air with awsome choppers and fighter jets!


Build yourself a spaceship and explore the universe, land on new planets or hang out with your friends in the local space station

Dragon Mounts

Who says The Ender Dragon has to be mean? Raise and ride your own flying dragon!

Animal Bikes

Allows you to ride on animals by the right click of a button.

Smart Moving

Enables heaps of alternative ways of moving around including climbing, jumping, sneaking and heaps more


Allows you to sail and fly ships and aircraft. You can even control them remotely

Car Mod

Adds usable transport to the game which require no tracks

THX Helicopter Mod

This mod allows you to craft a helicopter with the low cost of just 6 wooden planks!


Provides many more rail based tools and items than basic Minecraft


Creates trains and carriages in which the player can ride, also includes a zeppelin!