Craft Tweaker

With a few instructions, you can add or remove recipes, change mod recipes, alter names, change furnace recipes, the ore dictionary, tooltips and many other things.

More Tools

Late at night with no resources? Now you can create any tool out of any block, like a carrot hoe or a glass axe!


Everything from girlfriends to corn dogs, ultimate swords and butterflies, this mod has everything!

Derpy Squid

A crazy combination of armor, tools, portal and even a squid gun all made with the help of ink sacks.

Emerald Mod

Lots of tools, weapons, mobs and food, all made out of emerald


Blokkits are great pets and workers, each one has different features like protecting and crafting

Harvest Craft

Grow a better garden, cook better food! This mod adds a whole new garden Harvestmoon type feel to Minecraft

Fallout Mod

Calling all Fallout fans! Turn your Minecraft experience apocalyptic with this awesome mod


This mod is all about crafting very expensive, yet very useful wands that can help you in most situations

Colorful Armor

Customize chain, iron, and diamond armor with this mod.

Multi Page Chest

Adds more pages of storage to craft-able chests

Chest Transporter

The new tool can pick up chests without the mess of cleaning up all those items! Move your house with ease with this mod.

Assassin Craft

Turn your player into a certified assassin complete with Hookblades, Cannons, Smoke Bombs and much more!

Armor Movement

Move around with the new fashion like gliders, parachutes, flippers, jetpacks, spring boots and more!

Lanterns Mod

Light your path with a handy Lantern! Lanterns consume fuel and behave the way you always wanted them to.

Fancy Glass

Glass Bricks, Glass doors, Glass ladders, Glass galore! Enhance glass crafting and decorating with this awesome Fancy Glass Mod

3D Items

Customize the appearance of items and make things look the way you want them to!

Trail Mix

Eat it and you get Super Punch, Super Speed, Fireballs and more. Feed it to pigs and they fart so much they fly!


Allows you to play paintball with your friends


A GUI recipe book of everything you can craft on a crafting table.


Very clever mod that automatically changes to the best tool from your hotbar depending on what your mining or attacking

KMod Bricklayer

All you need to do is get the materials needed to build something, give it the dimensions and it will build it for you.


Allows you to sail and fly ships and aircraft. You can even control them remotely

Car Mod

Adds usable transport to the game which require no tracks

Wireless Redstone

With this awsome mod, you can use fancy blocks that transmit and recieve redstone signals

Industrial Craft 2

Gives you more blocks and tools to create more advanced structures and processes including electric energy - (very cool!)


Provides many more rail based tools and items than basic Minecraft

Trading Mod

Makes creatures drop coins and allows you to buy and sell items for those coins.

Equivalent Exchange

Create high end materials out of base materials, as well as very cool craft-able dark matter based items and tools

Portal Gun

Gives the ability to craft and use the gun from the ‘Portal’ games in Minecraft


Creates trains and carriages in which the player can ride, also includes a zeppelin!