Contains shared code for Forge mods and is used by the Slime Knights


A mini library that allows easier animation of entities


A core mod required for all of Jin Ryuu's mods

CountryGamer Core

the core utility for all CountryGamer mods


A core mod required for some of the mods created by WildBamaBoy


Core mod needed for other mods by bspkrs to work

ID Fix

A mod that helps to resolve ID conflicts for mods that have conflicting block ID's

Micdoodle Core

A core mod required by Galacticraft

Code Chicken Core

A core mod required for all of chicken_bones Mods

iChun Util

A core mod required by some of iChun’s mods

Slime Void Lib

A core mod used for Slime Void mods


Required for all mods created by Thebombzen

SanAndreasPs Manager Pack

A core mod pack comprising of a Config Manager, Update Manager and Language Manager

Render Player API

Allows client mods access to certain classes while minimizing conflicts


Allows certain mods that have cross-over functionality to work together without crashing the game.


A core mod that has no specific playing function, but other mods rely on it to work


A core mod which allows third party mods access to the main player class


A mod which helps to modify or create widgets, settings and menus in Minecraft

Custom Mob Spawner

Allows mobs to be spawned in a similar way prior to Minecraft Beta 1.8


Extends the ability of Minecraft to play additional formats of audio files