World Edit

Allows you to terraform the world around you, with simple commands!

Not Enough Items

Gives you unlimited items and recipes in an easy to use category system to help you find exactly what you need

Trail Mix

Eat it and you get Super Punch, Super Speed, Fireballs and more. Feed it to pigs and they fart so much they fly!


Attacks any mobs within 6 blocks with your current item


Gives you a pop-up box when you mouse over an enchantment showing you what you’ll get if you click it

Single Player Commands

Gives you a huge list of commands that you can enter to perform tasks quicker and easier as well as ones that make you a bit of a god playing in the sand.

Trading Mod

Makes creatures drop coins and allows you to buy and sell items for those coins.

Equivalent Exchange

Create high end materials out of base materials, as well as very cool craft-able dark matter based items and tools

Too Many Items

Gives you unlimited resources.