Special Mobs

Add more variety to your monster encounters such as the doom creeper!

Utility Mobs

Defend your base with special crafted golems and turrets


This mod is all about crafting very expensive, yet very useful wands that can help you in most situations

Angry Creatures

Discover even more mobs and creatures with this awesome mod!

Dart Craft

Discover new tools and weapons by mining the almighty power ore!

Colorful Armor

Customize chain, iron, and diamond armor with this mod.


Bring Godzilla, the nuclear weapon of beasts, into your world!

Dragon Mounts

Who says The Ender Dragon has to be mean? Raise and ride your own flying dragon!

Dynamic Lights

Makes lights behave the way they should, illuminating everything around them

Damage Indicators

Allows you to view monster health in better detail, including effects and health